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Back of the Napkin

…a place to sketch ideas and build sections of the playground in health innovation, education , and art…

IDEALbiomedical is a project to share resources for educators, students, and professionals in biomedical innovation, design, entrepreneurship, and leadership.

oeMiD is a reflection of life shared in poetry.


this life is an adventure, and i strive to cherish every moment of it. through the years, i’ve worked in the nyc motion picture industry, motorcycled most of the continental united states, flown airplanes, almost crashed airplanes, started companies, had companies fail, married and had children, lost that marriage, and got back up with lessons learned from life’s greatest teacher: failure.

today, i’m married to a nurse who is awesome, have two amazing children, and teach biomedical design at nc state university. we enjoy all that raleigh has to offer (great restaurants, breweries, bakeries, music, and art), and when i have some time, reflect this life on paper.

thank you for letting me share this with you.



Trig Newsletter Guest Post

Took a break this week from my personal blog and humbly accepted the opportunity to write a guest post in Trig’s Newsletter: The Killer Experiment. Health & Happiness for All Andrew DiMeo


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