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Back of the Napkin

A back of a napkin is where inventions happen among fellowship in coffee shops and restaurants around the world.  Here on DiMeo (dot) Info, this is a place to discuss current endeavors, inventions, and ventures.

Today my primary venture is a new startup called CanvasGT.  Together with an amazing team of mentors and developers, CanvasGT is building a new collaboration platform for doing realtime multisite collaboration of creative and pragmatic work.  Want to learn more, please check it out at CanvasGT.com.

On my other napkin is poetry.  As of 15 April 2020, I added a new category to my blog section for poetry.  I’ll be adding new works and recycling some old ones in that medium.


This life is an adventure, and i strive to cherish every moment of it.  Through the years I’ve worked in the New York City motion picture industry, motorcycled much of the continental United States, flown airplanes, designed medical devices, started service, nonprofit, and scaleable businesses, and taught Physics, Biomedical Engineering, Design, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship.

Today, I’m married to a nurse who is awesome, have two amazing children, have a startup company CanvasGT, and coach innovation and design at Trig.  We enjoy all that Raleigh has to offer (great restaurants, breweries, bakeries, music, and art), and when I have some time, reflect this life on paper.

Thank you for letting me share this with you.

Health & Happiness for All


choose future floods

emerald wavesover lifeless childflowing dressdancing red prevailsthousand milesgrazing in the grass mind biblesvivid infinity bent quarterstree strung tirethorn bound fruitlost towersthrowing tearsvision cranked timeless enlightenmentchoose future floods


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