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It’s impossible for Real Social Change to happen without community engagement. For students, this means making a commitment to get outside the classroom, whether that be physically or virtually. It is the student’s job to work at building a professional network in the early stages of their journey to social change.

For the community, that means being open to engaging with the next generation of change makers. There are three main ways to engage at varying levels of commitment.

The most significant commitment is being a RSC Mentor. With a class of 25 students, we will have a mentorship cohort of about 5 mentors each year. For more on mentorship, please refer to the Student-Mentor FAQ.

The next level is to be a class speaker. What’s the topic? It is “RSC Tales from the Trenches.” The class is 75 minutes and there’s an option for on-site or via Zoom. This is your opportunity to share a story with the students about what life is like in the real world when on a mission for real social change.

We are open to any topic in the broad spectrum of social justice. What are some of the mistakes you made? What do you wish you learned in college? What are some keys to the successes you’ve had? How are you looking to learn and grow as a professional? What are some tips, tricks, tools, words of wisdom you can share with the students as they prepare to be design thinkers, innovators, and entrepreneurs in the fabric of society?

What’s the 3rd level of commitment? Join the Real Social Change LinkedIn Group and make yourself available to have an electronic exchange, phone call, Zoom, or socially distanced coffee.

Have any other questions about how you can engage in Real Social Change? Please reach out to me directly.

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