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Where do you go in Downtown Raleigh?

I guess it started when I moved from the burbs to Cameron Village in 2014.  What seemed like a confusing journey to find parking turned into a walk or bicycle ride, enjoying all that Raleigh had to offer from live music to breweries, from restaurants to art.

For me, this was like coming home.  I grew up in Rutherford, NJ with a view of NYC, a short bus ride away…, and walking to the butcher, baker, and (not the candle stick maker), post office.  As a kid, I rode my bicycle all over town, walked to the train station to go to High School at Saint Peter’s Prep in Jersey City, and took the Path Train from Hoboken into the city, making my way up to Flushing Meadows to go see the Mets at Shea Stadium.

A few years ago, I moved with soon to be wife and Gus to the South Park neighborhood in Raleigh.  Whether it is friends or family coming from out of town for a party or a visit, colleagues coming to the convention center for a conference, or meeting strangers (more like friends I don’t know), like Kelly & Dale over beers at Trophy Maywood…, I’m hearing a lot of this:

“Where do you go in Downtown Raleigh?”

It just happened again on Wednesday evening at Lynwood Brewing Concern where I met up with a couple of old business partners to shoot the breeze, or, as we’re calling it, “Beer Summit.”

What are your favorite restaurants in Downtown Raleigh?  Where do you like to catch some live music, drink a beer, or buy a loaf of bread?  Where do you go for comedy acts, art displays, and late night cocktails?

If you want to see some of my favorites, check out the map and page dedicated to this topic here.

But I want to hear from you.  Why?  Well, for one, Kelly and Dale asked if they could leave comments…, and so, I promised them I’d write this post.

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2 replies on “Where do you go in Downtown Raleigh?”

The elite 5’oclock shadow strikes again. Not in Raleigh at the moment so I can’t really offer insight but I would love to catch up in person or even on the phone. You know how to find me!

Haha! Haven’t heard that nickname in a LONG time… Might have to change it to “The elite bush and coif”

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