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20 years in a day

Things on DiMeo-dot-info have been quiet lately as I’ve recently made a significant career pivot from teaching biomedical (BME) senior design at NC State to Innovation and Design coach at Trig.

If you are looking for blog posts related to innovation and design, the best thing to do is subscribe to the Trig newsletter.  I’ll continue to post on occasion here at DiMeo-dot-info with a focus on more personal topics such as philosophy, education, and art.

Last weekend I celebrated a 20 year mark in BME.  It was literally 20 years in a day, and included faculty and alums first met in 1998 and students representing every graduating class from 2007 to 2018 (the time I served on the BME faculty).

The turnout lasted a solid 11 hours at MOFU Shoppe and left me speechless, not just from going horse after 11 hours of talking, but from the outpouring of support from so many walks of life including friends, family, former students, fellow alums, faculty members, and industry mentors.

A “thank you” to everyone that came, both in person and in spirit, simply doesn’t do it justice.  No words can.

A week later, I found myself speechless again as we spent the day in Wilkes County mourning the loss and celebrating the life of a 24 year old state trooper who gave his life in the line of duty.

Again, no words can describe the day.  It was by far the most impressive outpouring of love, support, and patriotism that I’ve ever witnessed.

In all, the week, Saturday to Saturday started with the 20 year celebration of BME, then the woman that married us visiting all week while volunteering her time at the AmeriCorps Build-a-Thon, the First Flight Venture Center’s Annual Low Country Boil, the funeral of a State Trooper, a gathering at Ponysaurus in Durham with the Trig team, a graduation ceremony for 20 new State Troopers taking on the roads this Memorial Day Weekend, and visiting with close friends in their new home, with their new baby girl.

From Saturday to Saturday, Abby was by my side…   A father brought his daughter to First Flight Venture Center…  A letter from a fiancĂ© was read to her fallen hero…  Couples sat side by side at Ponysaurus and shared pictures of dogs…  Families celebrated their newly sworn in Troopers achievements…  A one-year-old girl explored her new home.

I suppose if I had to sum it up into one word…


Health & Happiness for All

4 replies on “20 years in a day”

A very moving account of all that encompasses relationships which blossom into family. Our hearts are with you, Andrew & Abby and all that bonds us together. Love, Ma

Sorry to learn that you’re leaving the teaching side, but glad that you’re taking an exciting career step. NC State is losing a great one. Very much hope that our paths cross again as I’ve always enjoyed working with you.

Congrats on the next phase!