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Just a Slice a Pizza Post

Drew and I like Pizza.

Growing up in Rutherford, NJ, pizza was a food staple.  My favorite pizza hangout is Park Tavern, just over the tracks in the old home town.  But a slice?  That’s got to be Benny Tudino’s in Hoboken.

Drew, he was born in Chapel Hill, growing up right on pizza at IP3.

Today we live in Downtown Raleigh, NC … and there’s some great pizza options around here.  We love Trophy Pizza, Vic’s, and Amedeo’s when ordering our pies.

Last week Drew and I wondered, “where’s the best slice in Raleigh?” and started by venturing out to a few new places.  Drew made a survey considering factors such as quality of the crust, cheese & sauce, atmosphere, price, time to get the slice, and size of the slice.  You can check out Drew’s survey here, noting that 1 is the lowest grade, 5 the highest, and helping us collect data next time you head out for a slice.

We hit up 8 slices of pizza in two days in the following order of slice eaten: The Original Ruckus in Mission Valley, Slice of NY Pizza on Hillsborough St., Times Pizza on Wilmington St., Oakwood Pizza Box on Person Street, Moonlight Pizza in Boylan Heights, DeMo’s Pizzeria & Deli in Glennwood South, Bella’s Wood Fired Pizza in Morgan Street Food Hall, and Frank’s Pizza on New Bern Ave.

Bella’s wasn’t my favorite, but our only big disappointment was Slice if NY on Hillsborough.  It was real dive, not in the good way, playing classical music and littered with TVs playing a combination of blank screens, corn hole, and women’s basketball (not that there’s anything wrong with that) … but NOT airing the NFL playoff game going on.

On the flip side, The Original Ruckus hands down had the best atmosphere.  The rowdy crowd kept a balloon afloat while the Patriots were dominating the Chargers (with local hometown favorite at QB).  Their pizza is great too … a large slice that’s a meal.

All of the pizza was good, but to Drew and me, Moonlight really stood out as the best slice in town (out of those 8).  We have a lot more pizza to eat and much more data to collect.

Let us know where you find your favorite slice in Raleigh or anywhere in the world with great pizza.  Leave us your thoughts in the comments section below, fill out Drew’s survey, or join the twitter conversation at #DiMeoPizza.

See you around town for a slice!

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Nothing beats the pizza in New York City.
In Freehold,
New Jersey – Basiles!
In Fort Myers ,Florida there is Nino’s
And Grimaldi’s for a chain.