Social Distance for More Better Care

Please social distance so healthcare providers can see MORE patients and save MORE lives.  Yes. MORE. And that’s a GOOD thing.

Social distancing helps flatten the curve.  That is, the odds of getting the virus don’t change.  But the odds of surviving the virus DO change.

It’s not about IF getting the virus.  It’s about WHEN getting the virus.

Social distancing is not about protecting ourselves from getting the virus.  Social distancing is about slowing down the spread of the virus.

A flat curve means everyone that gets the virus gets care.  A flat curve means that MORE patients get care. A flat curve means health care providers are more rested, focused, and properly protected and able to give BETTER care.  A flat curve means need-a-bed, get-a-bed. It means need-a-ventilator, get-a-ventilator.

If you sold pizzas and your maximum capacity was to produce 100 pizzas a day.  To get a new oven will be at least one week from now. But, you need all the customers you can get to afford that new oven.  Would you rather get 700 customers today and only sell 100 pizzas? OR, would you rather get 100 customers today, 100 tomorrow, and 100 every day for the full week?  By the end of one week, you will have sold 700 pizzas and next week, you’ll be ready to sell 200 pizzas a day. Flatten the curve. Sell MORE pizzas.

Flatten the curve so that the healthcare system can serve MORE patients.  Flatten the curve so that the healthcare system can have the time it needs to build capacity.

Health & Happiness for All

3 Replies to “Social Distance for More Better Care”

  1. Great article! Plus while flattening the curve, more therapeutic drugs are in trial so that when people get the virus later in the cycle, there’s MORE treatment options.

  2. One question I’ve had as a response to this piece is if it implies everyone will get the virus. No, not everyone will get it. “Social distancing helps flatten the curve. That is, the odds of getting the virus don’t change. But the odds of surviving the virus DO change.” What this means is if there’s a 75% chance of any one person getting the virus, those odds are not changed by social distancing. Those odds can be changed by a vaccine, but not by social distancing.

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